Woodland Improvement Ltd offers a comprehensive forestry service to those who wish to create new plantations or manage existing woodlands. We offer professional advice on all aspects from woodland planning and establishment through to the felling and marketing of timber.

Biodiversity nowadays means multi species and often multi age woodland – a good balance of light and shade, with well designed edges, carefully chosen native species and good predation control. Implementation means skilled people who know what they are doing and who will travel from site to site as landowners decide to make an investment in new well managed multi purpose woodlands or in restoring their neglected woodlands. It especially means a knowledge of the complicated grant support system for woodlands which, where available, can now make a very substantial contribution to cost and create a secure grant income over as many as 15 years.

Woodland Improvement Ltd has expertise in arranging all of the available grants, including local supplements and regional incentives. In most cases, these grants will cover the costs of establishment and after care, in addition to the annual payments.