Woodland planning is very important to ensure that silviculture fulfils the aims and objectives of the owner. We offer a comprehensive advisory service to discuss the options available, visiting around 500 landowners each year. Cost effectiveness is often high on the agenda and we can provide cashflows and future valuations to ensure that the woodland is fully accountable.

Our grant application service aims to secure prompt approval of the Woodland Grant Scheme and Farm Woodland Premium Scheme payments (where applicable).

Woodland management
We are pleased to assist in any aspect of the management of existing woodlands. To ensure that maximum benefit is achieved an initial report can be produced directing the future management of the woodland and the returns which can be expected. These plans will be tailored to the particular aims and objectives of the landowner and are often incorporated into a Woodland Grant Scheme (WGS) contract.

Two year old Cherry weeded with herbicide
Two year old Cherry weeded with herbicide

Grants and Timber Sale
Once the Woodland Grant Scheme (WGS) is in place, money can often be released either through grant aid or by securing permission for thinning and felling operations. We can assist in the marking of thinnings and the selection and marketing of standing timber to ensure the best prices are achieved. Grant aid can often be obtained for non-money making activities such as conservation and informal public access.

Deer Management and Vermin Control
We can help plan the management of vermin throughout the life of the woodland. Squirrel hoppers and rabbit traps can be supplied and realistic culling programmes can be produced where deer are causing problems.

Environmental management
We recognise that environmental issues are playing a greater role in the policy decisions of the Forestry Authority. Grant money is increasingly targeted at meeting environmental objectives and we aim to help the landowner realise this potential. We can undertake comprehensive surveys and management plans to assess which habitats exist within the woodland and the best management policy to maintain and enhance them. Ancient semi-natural woodlands now require a survey before any work can be done. We aim to provide the owner with a management service which will preserve the status of the woodland, yet allow the owners objectives to be fulfilled.